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"Learning Android" by Marko Gargenta (O’Reilly review)

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Learning Android
Building Applications for the Android Market
Marko Gargenta
O'Reilly Media, 2011
268 pages

This book's scope is to offer an overview of Android platform and set fundamental knowledge in order to start developing platform oriented applications. The author describe this book as being the result of observations during multiple training courses and a "perfect way to master the fundamentals".

Author's experience in training people makes him one of the most recomanded person to create a book like this. His approach using the step by syep presentation and examples is the perfect way to achieve the main objective: learn how to build applications for Android market.

Along with the details regarding Android platform and how to build applications for it, one of the book's objective is to follow the development of a social networking application (Twitter like). The development is also made step by step creating new modules and features in each chapter. Source code pieces are well highlighted, followed by explanations and together with screenshots and diagrams facilitates a lot the study process and also the development of the training application. The way this book "is gluing" the technical parts without missing modules from the software development cycle, allows the reader to build an Android application from scratch to it's final form.

The author makes a perfect transition from basic to more complex details and when you will finish the book you will realize that you have built an Android application and you have learned the fundamentals of developing applications for Android market without much effort.

As an assessment of the book place in the literature of its subject, I consider this book to be among best publications in it's category for the targeted public. The information is structured in a way that makes the learning process much easier than other similar books.

From the Java developer's point of view, I think the content of the book is easy to understand and I recommend it to everyone who would like to study the fundamentals of Android application development. Even that for a good understanding, the author is asking at least oriented programming skills, I believe that this should be used by intermediate developers in order to understand completely it's content.

You can purchase the book from O’Reilly here.

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